Decora Estudio is a full service advertising agency based in Barcelona, Spain. We provide a full range of web design, brand design and graphic design services to clients across Spain, Sweden and further afield.

Decora Estudio

We have many years experience and many interesting problems which we solved. We are happy about collaboration with creative people and organizations to provide best design.

We have a passion for all things creative. We try to see things differently and challenge our clients to do likewise. We can help you find that point of difference and tell your story in a creative way. After all, it doesn't matter what you do; only how and why you do it. So dare to be different ... and do it with Love...

Web Design

We can design and develop the right website for your business, be it a simple online brochure with a content management system or a complete online store with full e-commerce functionality.


Are you looking to change direction but you can't see the wood from the trees? If so, a business review, or what we sometimes call a Brand Essence Review, might be just what you need.


A brand essence review is a fresh approach to business analysis and uses a number of visual techniques to encourage discussion and generate ideas.

Virtual Reality

We develop 3D animations and highly realistic Virtual Reconstructions to create interactive experiences that convert users into active participants. See More

Our Approach

We believe that design it's a first thing the user sees. So, we care about true solutions and we will focus only on the client's problem. We love our clients and make them happy.